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Washington, Maine is a rural town located along state Route 17 in the northwestern corner of Knox county, between the county seat in Rockland and the state capital in Augusta. 

Washington has an abundance of wildlife due to the expanses of open fields and forests and the presence of  Washington Pond, Crystal Lake, the Medomak River and associated watersheds and wetlands. Forest land is estimated to cover between 70%-80% of the town.


The Washington Recreational Trails Committee was formed in April of 2023 to help to develop and maintain non-motorized trails in the Town of Washington, Maine. With the support of the town officials, we strive to create and monitor recreational trails for the community to enjoy. We foster community involvement by providing opportunities for volunteers to participate with their neighbors. 


The Washington Recreational Trails Committee is an organization of volunteers dedicated to the development, promotion, maintenance, and enjoyment of non-motorized trails in the town of  Washington, Maine. We strive to provide an opportunity to enjoy nature, outdoor education, and to promote healthy physical activity. 

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