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Grinnell Woods is a 96 acre property that borders the Medomak Brook on the west edge, and an old bog along its east boundry. The trail will have a view of the Rice Heath as well as an old growth hemlock grove. Clear cut in the late 1950's or early 60's, it is a example of natural forest recovery.

The Grinnell family would like to return the land to a working forest. They have offered the Town of Washington a deed to an easement on their land to allow people from all over to visit and enjoy a space that is very special to the Grinnell family.

The Grinnell Family would like to thank WRTC, Coffin Engineering and Surveying, Robbins Lumber, Maine Department of Environmental Protection and ATL Land Management Services. 

Click        to learn more about the efforts to create Grinnell Woods.

Grinnell Woods GPS Track_edited.jpg
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