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Work With Us

Our vision is to collaborate with local landowners to create non-motorized public trails to protect the natural landscape of Washington.
Please contact us if you would like to work with us to build a trail on your property.

Washington Recreational Trails Committee Members

Peg Hobbs, Chair

Steve Ocean

Sheila Campbell

David Graves
Sara Bullard

Barry Peabody

Mitch Garnett, Selectman

Photos courtesy of: Pegg Hobbs, Steve Ocean, Sara Bullard and Sarah Gebert

We Appreciate Our Former Members 

Daiv and Tanya McBride spent time fundraising at multiple community events. 

Angela's flowers

Angela Stevens and Travis Perez donated their time fundraising. They put their cut flowers from their garden out for sale. 

They made two sets of  corn hole boards with Washington's flag for fundraising. One set was donated for the Washington Community Auction and the other was raffled at Breakfast with Santa at the Mason's Lodge. 

Corn hole boards
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